Our one-stop-shop indoor air quality monitoring tool championed by our solutions – we bring data visibility to premise owners and managers to ensure transparency and promote energy-efficiency and cost savings.

What prompted AirWits Insight?

The pandemic has accelerated awareness of poor indoor air quality, more and more companies are now following suit.

In developed and developing countries, we see an increase in governmental regulation with visibility of indoor air quality monitoring.

Increase in pollution levels has triggered the spread of disease like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary problems, and cardiovascular problems and more.

Public awareness increases demand in developing sensor networks and intelligent systems for monitoring the quality of air and water within indoor spaces.


Public displays

Via permalink, present your readings with confidence that you are ensuring not only the safety of your occupants, but also employing cost-saving strategies to key stakeholders.

AirWits Insight supports green building initiatives, coupled with our devices that are accredited with WELL, LEED, and RESET certifications.

Smart Monitoring

Thresholds and metrics

From predetermined thresholds by experts from the World Health Organization to configuring values that meet your spacial requirements, you have the control from your own fingertips.

Adjust your data intervals and set triggers to your building management systems to maintain the right readings. Automation to your building management systems is also a possibility.

Visible measurements

Act on trends

Our data enablers allow managers to analyse past and present readings to optimise indoor air environments thus promoting energy consumption savings. 

The coming energy crisis means higher costs for essential heating in buildings. Did you know that lowering your temperatures by 1°C you save 5% in annual central heating costs?

How to get started:

Select your devices

We monitor Carbon Dioxide (CO2), temperature, humidity, particulate matter (PM1.0, 2.5, 10), total volatile organic compounds, pressure differences.

FoxerIoT and AirWits Insight data enablement

AirWits Insight pulls the data from FoxerIoT, it is as simple as clicking ‘enable’ from FoxerIoT for your data to start appearing on AirWits Insight.

Data management

We have the capacity to manage your devices and configure their downlink and uplink messages. Alternatively, you can also manually adjust them.

Device installation

Our plug-and-play devices are designed to be the simplest and easiest to install. Place the devices around your spaces, and let them do the magic.

Indoor air quality a concern?


We spend 90% of our lives within indoor spaces, such as schools, offices, homes, malls etc.


Virus’ spend up to 5 times faster in poor indoor air environments

3.8 million

3.8 million premature deaths occur annually from indoor air quality, according to the WHO.


Lowering building temperatures by 1°C you save 5-10% in annual central heating costs.