Connected Airwits Co2 Plus


Das Connected AirWits CO2 Plus ist, ähnlich wie das ursprüngliche AirWits CO2-Gerät, ein Gerät zur Überwachung von Kohlendioxid (CO2), Temperatur und Luftfeuchtigkeit mit 3 dynamischen E-Ink-Farbdisplays für die Echtzeit- und genaue Überwachung der Luftqualität in Innenräumen mit geringen bis gar keinen Lebenszykluskosten.

By default, the device displays readings every 10 minutes indicating high/low levels of CO2, temperature, and humidity measurements. The device can achieve up to 10 years with altering the settings to more infrequent measuring, by default it measures and sends readings once every 30 minutes. Additionally, like all our devices, AirWits CO2 Plus is capable of being independent to any existing Information Technology (IT) infrastructure.

The installation is an extremely simple procedure, and requires neither special tools nor complicated configuration operation. It is versatile, maintenance-free, promotes ultra-low lifetime costs, and powerful – the perfect solution for long-term indoor air quality monitoring.

Connected AirWits CO2 Plus is suitable for environments that require frequent on-site readings such places like sports halls, or classrooms.



Casing:ABS plastic for indoor use
Size:100 x 100 x 32 mm
Weight:226 g
Battery:4 x A 3.6 V
Battery lifetime:Up to 10 years with power control setting on
Default screen update interval:10 mins (configurable)
Display:1,52” with 3 colour E-Ink
CO2 range:0 … 5 000 PPM
Operating temperature range:0 … 50°C
Operating humidity range:0 … 85%
Screen's operating temperature range10 … 50°C
Accuracy:30 PPM or three percent of the reading in 15-35°C /±0.2 °C / ±2 %
Connectivity:Sigfox RCZ1 / RCZ2 / RCZ4 / RCZ7
Warranty: 5 Jahre
Product code:CICOP-3019-R0101 (RCZ1) / CICOP-3219-R0101 (RCZ2) / CICOP-3419-R0101 (RCZ4) / CICOP-3719-R0101 (RCZ7)

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