Connected Ranger


Connected Ranger es un dispositivo de geolocalización industrial para uso en interiores y exteriores. El dispositivo se puede utilizar, por ejemplo, para el seguimiento de activos o envíos, geofencing, inventario de almacén y arrendamiento de equipos como maquinaria portátil de cadena de frío, por ejemplo. 

The device is battery-powered, with an expected lifetime usage of up to 10 years. As Ranger senses motion, it will scan the WiFi APN:s surrounding it and send the strongest 3 MAC-addresses via Sigfox network. This data can be refined to correspond physical geolocation for the device in the backend platform services (ie. Sigfox Atlas or FoxerIoT)

Connected Ranger is very robust, making it a well-thought solution for demanding tracking conditions. The installation of the device is an extremely simple procedure, and requires neither special tools nor configuration operations. Connected Ranger is easily attachable to any kind of surface using screws or cable-ties.


Product Features

Casing:UV stabilized polycarbonate
Size:30 x 110 x 40 mm
Weight:86g (Including batteries)
Sensors:WiFi and accelerometer
Battery pack:2 x 3,6 V (Replaceable)
Battery Life: Up to 10 years (With 4 messages per day)
Measurement interval:Configurable (10 min ... 24h)
Battery capacity:5,400 mAh
Connectivity:Sigfox 868 / 902 / 920 MHz
Operating zone:Sigfox RCZ1 / RCZ2 / RCZ4 / RCZ7
Certifications:Sigfox, CE, FCC
Sigfox class0U
IP rating:IP68
Warranty:5 años
Product code:CIRNG-3010-R0103 (RCZ1) / CIRNG- 3210-R0103 (RCZ2) / CIRNG-3410-R0103 (RCZ4) / CIRNG-3710-R0103 (RCZ7)

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