Fitwel Certification – Earn points with Connected Inventions

Fitwel Building Standard Fitwel is a leading certification programme that optimises buildings and communities to promote health and wellbeing. Originally developed by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S. General Services Administration, and the Center for Active Design, Fitwel has been created based on extensive research, analysing over 3,000 academic studies. Their [...]

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IoT application in cold chain logistics

“Cold-chain” refers to a supply chain that delivers products and/or materials that will be spoiled or even destroyed if temperatures vary beyond the prescribed range, this can be anything from refrigeration, food ingredients to refrigerated vaccines. As implied with sensitive goods, it can be very costly for companies to redeliver if products are wasted [...]

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IoT enabling indoor air quality monitoring of harmful pollutants in gyms

It is very known that gyms are found to have heightened concentrations of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and unsurprisingly lots of airborne dust. If there’s ever a place where indoor air quality monitoring is useful, it’s certainly in gyms, and other physical activities centres. It is easy to speculate that human emission is [...]

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Breathing easy with IoT: monitoring indoor air quality for health and safety

Read Thought Leadership Markku Patronen, CEO Founder, Connected Finland & Connected Inventions No longer a nice-to-have: IoT solutions monitor the quality of the air we breathe to keep us safe, healthy and productive. Indoor concentrations of some pollutants are often two to five times higher than typically outdoors’. Indoor air pollution has increased in [...]

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Connected Ranger revolutionizes fleet and asset tracking

Connected Ranger tracker is the latest addition to the Connected product family. Ranger makes tracking assets easy and the device works both indoors as well as over long distances. As the tracker travels, the device scans for surrounding WiFi networks and MAC addresses, which are then translated to match physical location information. Ranger is [...]

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The Office of Tomorrow on vaikuttanut suoraan työntekijöiden tuottavuustasoon

In Finland, where 0G coverage is already at 85 %, smart offices are well on their way to becoming as common as smart homes. Ida Vehnämäki, Communications Specialist at Connected Finland, gave Marion Moreau, director of Sigfox Foundation, a glimpse into the astonishing changes taking place in offices around the country since the 0G revolution. So [...]

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