We introduce facility managers to cutting-edge data collection insight that streamline building management. We help monitor data such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, and CO2, to enable facility managers energy-savings, and ensuring the longevity of your structures.

We have helped monitor variables from their building construction phase, to every-day operations, all the way to demolition. You will gain the visibility and the control you need to optimise your building’s performance.

Monitor variables to streamline building management – future-proof and protect your commercial building

Utilise our IoT to create real-time visibility into building conditions such as air temperature, humidity, and water leaks without manual, time-consuming checks.

Protect your spaces with a centralised data-management platform with customisable powerful alerts, real data and insights at your finger tips. Prevent energy inefficiencies, structural risks, or maintenance challenges. Plug-and-play solutions create safer, more sustainable environments and make your buildings a resilient asset.

air pressure

Air Pressure Differences

Directly preventing you from disruptions in your HVAC system, by reducing the risk and potential structural stress from positive/negative air pressure extremes.

Temperature & Humidity

Warranting you protection against moisture-related issues such as mold growth by ensuring proper airflow, and temperature and humidity levels. Furthermore, monitoring these ensures stronger protection against material degradation, increases in energy consumptions and system wear.

Indoor Air Quality

IoT devices collect and transmit environment insight on-demand to enhance BMS operations. Eliminate inadequate and irregular ventilation, saving business management from wasted energy consumptions – protecting you from long-term defects.

“With remote IoT monitoring of conditions, Sitedrive transforms how site managers monitor and manage the time and expense of concrete curing. The low cost, reliability, and simplicity of the 0G Network help ensure that every concrete pour is a cost-effective, efficient part of the construction process.”

Says Chief Technology Office Henri Hovi, Sitedrive

Connected Inventions partners with Sitedrive for gathering building data
Smart Monitoring

Mold Risk Detection

Designed to predict the time taken (In days) for the probability of mold occurence, based on monitoring your temperature, and humidity’s historical data over a period of time.

Buildings are able to protect their internal structure, potentially saving up to hundreds of thousands on maintenance fixes, through our predefined formula. We’ve established a scale of relevance (from Worst, Bad, Okay, to Healthy) in direct correlation to the number of “Possible days to mold” (1 – worst, 355 – healthy, 0 is considered healthy as it is an indication that there is no risk of mold detected).

Our design ethos are simple: make easy, dependable, flexible solutions

Finland-based, the Connected Inventions team is customer-focused, agile, and quality-obsessed. Our engineers, solution designers, and support teams work side by-side to deliver the performance, accountability, and results that our partners and customers want. We guarantee it.

Save energy Costs

Obtain green building certifications

Improve occupant wellbeing

Integrate with BMS & ERP tools

Predictive maintenance

Improve occupant productivity

Efficient ESG reporting

Enhance real estate value