Guide your properties with data

Guide your properties with information

When the price of electricity soars, thoughts of savings arise. Begin with monitoring your spaces and get savings so that you won’t incur costs elsewhere through unnecessary discomfort or pre-created conditions that will later be expensive.

Information, coordination, and balance of heating & ventilation is key – with air quality, air pressure, air health, humidity, and property utilisation rates.

Begin measuring – that’s how you start saving.

Responsibility through sustainability

Sustainable accountability takes in consideration ESG factors (Environmental, Social, and Governance) – wasteful usage of spaces is not only reflected directly on the bill, but also in competitiveness, and desirability. Air quality monitoring for points towards building certifications, such as WELL, LEED, RESET, and BREEAM.

Energy is expensive, low traceability of climates and wellbeing make costs even more unknown, and real estates should listen.

Wellbeing for your property and occupants 

Our devices will produce the data for your properties, in intervals according to your needs. Upon collected and analysed monitoring, it is easy to see where savings can be obtained. You will also mitigate any future problems through establishing trends.

The savings don’t just come from lowering the temperature in places that aren’t being used. When a building is healthy, it does not develop mold or contaminants that cause renovation needs. But what’s most valuable: when the air is kept clean and healthy, the results are reflected in better alertness, comfort – and a reduction in sick-leaves.

Decisions based on information

We divide and measure buildings and spaces based on their versatility and utility under 4 main groups. 

Energy savings

Connected Inventions Devices

Temperature and energy consumption bills go hand-in-hand.

Indoor wellbeing

Connected Inventions Device 2

Mold suspicion, organic compounds, and air pressure differences.

Indoor air quality

CO2 monitoring, mitigation against virus spread, humidity.

Occupancy and geolocation

Space utility rates, and geolocations via WiFi, and MAC addresses.

Data – backbone of knowledge

Connected inventions provides intuitive tools for data-analysis: AirWits Insight and FoxerIoT software data platforms. 

  • Clear graphical illustrations
  • Triggers for changes in values
  • Trends on your spaces
  • Delimit human forgetfulness

Lowering your buildings temperatures by 1°C can save your business 5-10% in annual energy savings.

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