Connected MultiGuard

Connected MultiGuard is a connected metering device for various industrial retrofitting sensor needs.

The device measures and sends measurements once in every 30 minutes. MultiGuard uses worldwide 0G IoT-network for data transmission, enabling very low lifetime cost and long battery life minimum of five years. Data transmissions frequency is configurable for an extended battery life, and can go up to 10 years without any electrical supply.

External dry contact or switch sensor can be freely installed, for example on pulse output of water and electricity meters.

Versatile, connected, maintenance free, ultra low costs, powerful, accurate – perfect solution for adding internet connectivity to existing industrial meters and devices, in demanding environments.

Product Features

Casing:P 67 ASA-plastic, for indoor and outdoor usage
Size:94x94x44 mm
Weight:350 g
Attachment:Screw / cable tie / adhesive tape
One input, sensor options:Pulse / Switch / Voltage (0-10V) / Current (4-20mA)
Battery:C 3,6V 9000 mAh (replaceable)
Battery lifetime:5 years
Measurement interval:Every 30 mins (Configurable)
Connectivity:Sigfox 868 MHZ or 902...928 MHZ
Operating zone:Sigfox RCZ1, RCZ2, RCZ4, RCZ7
Certifications:CE, Sigfox
Warranty:1 year
Product code:CIMGD-3006-R2 (RCZ1), CIMGD-3206-R2 (RCZ2), CIMGD-3406-R2 (RCZ4), CIMGD-3706-R2 (RCZ7)

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