A smart and comprehensive approach to cost efficient and easy deployment and ongoing management of your IoT solution, including device, data and customer management.

Our IoT platform gives solution providers, facility managers and stakeholders easy and secure access.

An intuitive, visual and versatile turnkey platform and middleware optimised for the building and facility management sector makes deployment, integration and access to any data type easy and transparent.

FoxerIoT: A modular platform simplifies IoT for Building and Facilities Management

iot for buildings and facilities management

Powerful and Comprehensive
Data & Device Management from deployment to ongoing management

Customer Management

  • Billing and cost allocation tool by customer, user or building
  • Multi-level/building/tenant device fleet management
  • Visual representation with building blueprints or maps
  • White labelling options for service partners


  • No expert skills required
  • Device activation and registration
  • IoT Network registration
  • Connected to different network protocols


Device Fleet Management 

  • Battery status and device health monitoring
  • Renaming and new association of devices
  • Device movement and re-location (Single or in batch)
  • Remote troubleshooting and calibration

Data Management/Storage

  • Datatype parsing
  • Secure cloud storage
  • Data back-ups
  • Customisable data aging/staging


  • Remote configuration (Individually or bulk)
  • Alerts, triggers, events, thresholds geofencing
  • Data type definition and transmissions
  • Multichannel alert communication settings via SMS or Email

Data Access & Visualisation

  • Device location mapping with building blueprints and maps
  • Customisable “Kiosk” public dashboard views
  • Graphic display widgets e.g. graphs, charts, data
  • Integration with any end point or system

Device Management

  • Visual mapping to easily name, group, tag devices
  • Access management, user settings and authorisation
  • Security Settings
  • Authentication

Open API Integration

  • Access to raw device data
  • Integration with cloud data storage
  • Secure and flexible

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ): See the air you breathe with the AirWits Insights Dashboard

AirWits Insights is a bespoke and fully integrated data visualisation environment for the monitoring and reporting of environmental indoor air conditions such as temperature, humidity, CO2, PM and VOC.

Combined with our high quality IoT devices, IoT network connectivity options and FoxerIoT platform, it is your cost effective, end-to-end Indoor Air Monitoring solution.