Workplace Optimisation for Smart Office Buildings

Smart IoT enabled office workplaces benefit from maximised space utilisation, improved tenant experience and higher cognitive productivity in a healthier,more comfortable and more sustainable environment.

  • Wireless, battery-powered IoT Sensors & Devices
  • Simple IoT Management Platform & Dashboard
  • Secure, energy efficient IoT connectivity services

Create a great place to work in the most efficient way.

Connected Invention’s IoT data solutions monitor, collect and display real-time data such as desk occupancy, people movement & counter and indoor air quality so you can make the best of your space.

Using digital and analytics to revolutionize tenant experience, tenant experience is of utmost importance to 75% of commercial real estate firms.

Using IoT sensors and artificial intelligence are among the most influential factors affecting tenant preferences (52%).

energy efficiency
remote monitoring

IoT devices and sensors continuously monitor and capture the relevant real-time data on desk occupancy, people movement, building access, indoor air quality and more.

These insights are key to maximising space usage, usage-based operations such as cleaning services, optimum indoor air quality and overall ESG performance.

Without this automated data collection, operations are unable to optimise building performance and value for tenants and asset owners. Harnessing IoT technology transforms a traditional office into a smart working environment enhancing productivity, health and cost effectiveness.

Connected Inventions’ IoT device, platform and wireless connectivity portfolio is optimised for Building and Facility Management and designed to integrate easily into your existing infrastructure.

desk occupancy monitoring

Desk Occupancy

IoT desk occupancy monitoring utilizes sensors to detect when desks are occupied or vacant, providing real-tine data on workplace utilisation.

These insights enable space optimisation, cost reductions through optimised floorspace, and enhanced employee experience by ensuring access to workstations and rooms.

Data insights into occupancy patterns, help create agile, flexible work environments fostering productivity and collaboration.

People Movement

People movement & counting sensors track the flow of tenants or visitors within a building or workspace, capturing data of foot traffic patterns and occupancy levels.

These data insights enable pro-active decision making for optimised layout design, improve space utilisation and enhance workplace safety by identifying congested areas.

Benefits include more efficient operations, increased productivity and a better employee experience

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

IAQ monitoring devices and sensors continuously measure temperature, humidity, CO2 levels and pollutants.

These IoT data insights enable optimal air quality fostering a healthier, more inviting and more productive workplace improving overall workforce efficiency.


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Benefits of IoT data enabled Smart Office Workspace

Unlock a new level of efficiency and productivity for office workspaces with IoT data-enabled workspace management. Create an agile workspace and streamlined operations.

Real-Time Insights: Gain valuable insights into workplace utilisation, employee behaviours, and environmental conditions for improved efficiency and performance

Agile Workspace: Adapt to changing needs and trends based on actual utilisation data.

Streamlined Operations: Automate routine tasks and processes such as maintenance tasks and resource allocation based an actual occupancy data.

Space Utilisation

employee experience

Employee Experience

cost savings

Cost Savings

usage based operations


Proven IoT Device & Sensor optimised for Facilities Management

Certified device portfolio.

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