IoT & Sustainability

Connected Invention’s IoT Building Data supports your ESG goals.
Gain operational efficiencies, improve tenant experiences, AND support your sustainability goals.

We can make a big, fast impact backed by a solid business case

Our “why” is simple. We’re dedicated to empowering the facility management and building industry with IoT data that is timely, critical, accurate, and trustworthy to create a sustainable global impact.

42 %

Of the world’s energy is used in real estate.

30 %

Energy consumed in real estate is wasted.

50 %

Energy used in building works is wasted due to inefficient building management systems.

30% reduction of energy consumption

“The results of L&T Smartti Automation and Connected Inventions’ IoT sensors’ deployment have been so good that we’ve decided to implement it in other commercial buildings around Finland. In addition to energy efficiency, we were able to also confirm improved indoor air quality in the building property.”

Ismo Myllymäki, Head of Property Management at Technopolis

Our Promise

We reduce environmental impact by designing fit-for-purpose, minimalistic, ultra-energy-efficient sensors that send small data packets to decrease data storage needs.

Our clients and partners can reuse, recycle, and repurpose all Connected Inventions devices and device components according to the EU WEEE Directive.

CO2 emissions associated with our shipments are minimised by the GoGreen Plus DHL service, using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

We help stakeholders overcome economic, commercial, and environmental challenges with energy-efficient, reliable, and sustainable solutions. Low-cost IoT devices requiring low to no infrastructure or traditional power supplies ensure access to data for all and reduce barriers to adoption.

Smart building solutions are vital to creating sustainable environments for work, life, and play. Connected Inventions’ simple, scalable IoT building data solutions are easy to include in new constructions or retrofit to older buildings to help enable more sustainable environment.

Connecting buildings to gain vital IoT data insights to help extend asset life, reduce waste, decrease emissions, and improve overall building performance and energy efficiency.

How our IoT Building Data Improves ESG Goal Achievement & Reporting

Gain visibility into your assets and facilities to drive operational efficiency and reduce waste and consumption.

Minimise carbon footprint by tracking and tracing your assets within your building and optimise your operational efficiency

Use IoT data insights to deliver more efficient ESG reporting and minimise waste and carbon footprint.

Improve health, safety and environmental impact while increasing operational efficiency.

ESG Mandates for Buildings – What are your goals?

Access and use IoT data to improve how your building operates in days.

Most countries have steep emission intensity goals.

Carbon taxes will increase steadily in the future.

Energy costs are rising and expected to remain high.