How we started – it was a dark Finnish winters’ night…

Three visionaries, Connected Inventions co-owners, share their passion to make our world a more sustainable place. As they also share a back-ground in engineering, they agreed to bond and make a difference.

In 2015, Connected Inventions was born, a pioneer in the emerging IoT landscape, with the mission to reduce the environmental impact of buildings.

Bringing a deep understanding of business, technology and engineering together, they soon determined that the global facilities and building management space demanded operationally scalable and financially viable solutions.


Connected Inventions founders, Tom, Marko, and Markku, are seasoned technology and telecommunications professionals with extensive expertise across telecom operators, mobile phones, electronics manufacturing, data storage, and cloud computing in organisations of all sizes.

Their years of experience successfully working through market disruptions with emerging technologies created a joint team philosophy: staying curious and learning every day is essential to keep pace with digital transformation and create meaningful, commercially viable client solutions.

The trio believes that the IoT enabling data-driven transformation in buildings will accelerate achieving more sustainable construction practices and net-zero emission facilities, a mission that motivates them daily.

Connected Inventions today

Connected Inventions was the first in the market to combine and optimise the essential components of effective IoT solutions for building use cases, spanning reliable, low-cost, scalable, simple connectivity services and high-quality, reliable, cost-effective IoT devices requiring low or zero maintenance.

The system requirements to deploy and run building management solutions are often complex and demand complementary applications to support ease of use and interoperability. To avoid adding to this complexity, the Connected Inventions engineering team created advanced IoT devices connected to reliable middleware and proven data visualization to support fast deployment, straightforward integration, and easy ongoing management.

connected inventions

The Building Management Industry says “Yes”.
We connect physical buildings with digital data to revolutionise facilities management.

With over 400,000 devices deployed worldwide, Connected Inventions has a leading track record for helping modern facility managers make buildings smarter and more sustainable.

We free organisations from the limitations of legacy or proprietary systems, providing complementary IoT data and the right information at the right time so teams can make data-driven decisions that reduce carbon and energy emissions.

Market-leading facility managers and building asset owners understand that tenants want it all: optimal comfort, a safe and healthy working environment, and a sustainable building.

We help you achieve this balance simply and with impact.

We are experts in IoT – Our partners are experts in building management.

Connected Inventions aims to be the best partner and trusted IoT adviser for facilities and building management organisations and asset owners who want to construct a more sustainable world without compromising commercial success.

Unique in our industry, we guarantee performance and support our partners worldwide with uncompromising service and technology. The key to our elite service capability is unifying the end-to-end solution as designers, engineers, manufacturers, distributors, and connectivity service providers.


Buildings create more than 30% of global CO2 emissions. Serving the building management market with the most energy-efficient technology solutions supported by excellent service is our way to help sustainably save the planet. We innovate data collection solutions that are the most:

  • Energy efficient
  • Cost-effective
  • Scalable
  • Operationally viable

Our Vision

Our solutions enable IoT data collection for the most energy-efficient buildings worldwide.

We strive to be our clients’ trusted IoT data collection partner to energy-efficiently optimise facility management and improve building value with superior tenant experiences.

Our Mission

We innovate to help building owners, managers, and tenants reduce energy consumption with sustainable, cost-effective, low-power IoT data collection solutions.

We do this by enabling a top-tier partner ecosystem to collect and create visibility to meaningful information so clients can make data-driven, impactful decisions that may deliver up to 30% savings almost overnight.

Our Values

  • Reliability
  • Flexibility
  • Quality

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