Asset Tracking – Inside buildings, between buildings, regional, global

Office buildings contain valuable physical assets, such as  machinery, tools, office equipment, artworks and much more. These assets are at risk to get lost or stolen. IoT asset tracking solutions make the inventory and location tracking of these assets easy and eliminates manual tracking methods.

  • Wireless, battery-powered IoT Sensors & Devices
  • Simple IoT Management Platform & Dashboard
  • Secure, energy efficient IoT connectivity services

Connected Invention’s IoT data solutions monitor, collect and display real-time data such as location, movement, position or condition of physical assets to prevent loss and damage.

How are your assets getting lost?

46 %

assets misplaced

36 %

not properly stocked

29 %


asset tracking devices

Attached IoT devices and sensors, connected to the internet, continuously identify the location and condition of physical, valuable or important assets that may move around a building, between buildings, different locations or even regional.

Tenants, building owners or facility management companies can easily monitor the real-time location of these assets, or get an alert when certain geo-fences are reached. These insights are key to prevent theft and loss, protect valuable assets, find them easily and automate inventory taking.

Without this automated data collection and location visibility, loss, theft and wasted time can’t be effectively prevented. By monitoring the environmental conditions for temperature or humidity, sensitive or fragile assets can be proactively protected.

Connected Inventions’ IoT device, platform and wireless connectivity portfolio is optimised for Building and Facility Management and designed to integrate easily into your existing infrastructure.

Benefits of IoT data enabled Asset Tracking

Easy access to real-time location and condition information about your assets without any manual effort.

Real-Time Asset Visibility: Access the location and status information about assets at any time and effortlessly monitor assets within buildings, across buildings or in transit.

Enhanced Security: Protect valuable assets 24×7  with advanced security features or services. Receive instant alerts for unauthorised movements.

Prevent Loss and Theft: Minimise the risks of lost or misplaced assets saving time  and money for replacements or manually retrieval.

Location Tracking
and Retrieval


Condition Temperature
or Position

asset movement

Movement Transport
or Activity


Environmental Temperature
and Humidity

You won’t ever have to go looking again.

See your asset location at any time.

asset tracking

Proven IoT Device & Sensor optimised for Facilities Management

Certified device portfolio.

European design and engineering

Certified and proven to meet Green Building Standards





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