Connected Inventions’ tech-agnostic LPWAN connectivity solutions enable buildings and facilities easily, cost-effectively, securely, and in the most energy efficient way.

Our engineering expertise, solution design, and business understanding let you take advantage ofthe right IoT devices, connectivity services, and data platforms for your environments. We remove operational, commercial, and technical IoT complexities with tech-agnostic, best-of-breed technology, solutions, and expertise.

sigfox 0G technology

The global 0G Network, powered by Sigfox 0G technology, is an open, managed and secure LPWAN (low-power wide-area network) protocol. The Sigfox 0G technology, owned by UnaBiz is ultra energy efficient and provides connectivity based on a simple subscription fee per message sent.

Connected Inventions owns and operates the national Finnish 0G Network. Together with more than 70 national 0G Solution Providers, we own and operate the global 0G Network.


LoRaWAN is an open LPWAN protocol using the LoRa modulation technique for a specific wireless spectrum. It has a lot of similarities with Sigfox 0G technology, the protocol is one of the main technologies to connect IoT devices wirelessly to local or regional private networks in an energy and cost efficient way.

Connected Inventions is an active member of the LoRa Alliance.

The right connectivity choice  for your business needs

From single buildings, multiple buildings in one location in multiple locations of a country and even located around the world.
Depending on your business and operational needs we provide the right connectivity choice across private, public, national or global IoT networks.
We enable a single view of your data across all your buildings or for each specific building or use case.

Standalone Buildings

Multiple Building Blocks

Buildings within your Country

Buildings Around the World

Benefits of dual mode LPWAN Connectivity

Many IoT connectivity service options available have different strength and limitations for specific use cases, data needs and business objectives.

Partnering with Connected Inventions means there is no need to make tough choices.
You can trust that your investment will take your business into the future with cost-effective efficiency and flexibility.

We remove operational, commercial, and technical IoT complexities with tech-agnostic, best-of-breed technology, solutions, and expertise. You gain easy access to all vital environmental data to help ensure your smart building is occupant-friendly and runs efficiently, sustainably, and cost-effectively.

cost savings

Low Cost

Energy Efficient

Public or Private Networks

Ease to Connect




Local and Global

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Reliable IoT Device Portfolio

CONNECT buildings

Easily deploy wireless, maintenance-free, IoT Devices and Sensors monitoring 24×7 environmental and structural conditions. Up to 10 years battery life provides solution longevity at low cost.

Easy Device & Data Management

ACCESS Data Insights

Provision & manage remotely your device fleet and gain easy access to data, alerts and analytics. Integrate IoT Data with other systems or processes for richer, actionable insights or reports.