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Enhance the intelligence loop between your building’s data and the people within, our IoT fits into the most versatile environments to help facility managers understand aspects of their building.

Symbol of sustainability

Smart building certifications

Apply the sciences of how physical and social environments affect human health, well-being and performances. A large part of every building includes the indoor air quality vertical, an essential criteria to have correct to be accredited.


Remote monitoring

Monitor all essential commercial, residential, or public buildings’ data in real-time from anywhere through our IoT data platform – FoxerIoT, or parse the data to your own platform, via API. Make sure all the data most important to you stays on the top of your mind.


Save 15-20% annually on energy consumptions with IoT monitoring


We spend 90% of our time in indoor spaces – from schools, offices to homes.


Environmental, social, and governance oriented

A relatively new risk management strategy, facility managers/owners should keep their organisations ahead of the game with ESG reporting on corporate responsibilities. Focus on environmental, social, and governance factors, and benefit from less consumption on energy and improve competitive desirability.


Occupancy comfort

Understand behavioural patterns in usage of spaces/equipment and utilise the data to establish business during the times of the day. Provide comfort in all physical touch points for your tenants to thrive.

Smart Monitoring

Mold Risk Detection

Our FoxerIoT Mold Risk Detection feature is designed to predict the time it will take (In days) for the probability and possibility of mold occurence, based on monitoring your temperature, and humidity’s historical data over a period of time.

Through a predefined formula on your temperature and humidity activities, we’ve established a scale of relevance (from Worst, Bad, Okay, to Healthy) in direct correlation to the number of “Possible days to mold” (1 – worst, 355 – healthy, 0 is considered healthy as it is an indication that there is no risk of mold detected).

Data management software

Essential data under one roof

Purpose-built IoT-engine for the ultra narrow band Sigfox ecosystem devices and data management. Intuitive and versatile, we focus on real value and make IoT super simple.

Multi-tenant, Enterprise SaaS IoT-platform for Sigfox powered devices

Easy setup for payload parsing and conversion with graphical interface

Customer’s own data can be migrated via API:s together with IoT data

Highly configurable dashboard views and alarm functions

Device fleet management and provisioning tools

Powerful search and grouping tools for devices, customers, groups etc.

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