Connected Inventions’ modular solution architecture provides customisable, cost-effective, energy efficient solutions guaranteeing operational efficiency and long lasting performance.

Our proven track record is a testament to our engineering expertise and commitment to delivering sustainable, reliable, high-quality commercial outcomes.

Benefit from customised solutions available globally to optimise resource use, reduce costs, and improve operational efficiency.

Benefits of IoT Property and Facilities Management Solutions

Remote IoT device monitoring creates real-time visibility into building conditions such as air temperature, humidity, water leaks, and space utilisation without manual, time-consuming checks.

IoT devices collect and transmit environmental data via your chosen connectivity service. Integrating IoT data into middleware and data visualisation tools provides on-demand insights that instantly enhance building management system (BMS) operations and processes.

Operational Efficiency

Asset Longevity

Sustainability & Compliance

Customer Health & Well-being

“L&T Smartti Automation and Connected Inventions’ IoT sensors’ pilot project results have been so good, so much so we’ve decided to implement it in other commercial buildings around Finland. In addition to energy efficiency, we were able to also confirm improved indoor air quality in the building property”

Says Head of Property Management Ismo Myllymäki, Technopolis

Indoor Air Condition Monitoring

Lower Energy Consumption – Quality Air – Better Comfort & Wellbeing

Monitor pollutants, optimise ventilation, and improve occupant wellbeing for enhanced productivity and satisfaction. Continuous monitoring of indoor air conditions captures meaningful, timely IoT data to reduce energy consumption and improve air quality.

Occupancy and Space Monitoring

Monitor Utilisation – Optimise Efficiency – Improve Services

Maximise spatial efficiency with Connected Detectify. Monitor occupancy and space usage, optimise resources, identify cost savings, and improve workplace experiences. Timely visibility into occupant or visitor movements and density in facilities allows smarter on-demand service provisioning than traditional scheduled cleaning or maintenance processes.

Building Structure Monitoring

Safeguard Structure – High Vigilance – Protect Asset Value

Detect potential issues and enhance property safety with Connected FlexSense. Real-time monitoring ensures longevity, minimises risks, and safeguards building structures. Accessing useful IoT data at the right time informs preventive maintenance and pinpoints structural damage risks early.

How our Smart Property & Facilities Management Solution Works

Connected your buildings facilities and assets. Tailor your data requirements.

Remotely monitoring conditions environmental data with alerts & on-demand reports.

Easy access to IoT data insights for better control, ESG reporting, and processes.

Achieve your ESG and performance goals. Reduce costs. Improve occupant experiences.

Our design ethos are simple: make easy, dependable, flexible solutions

Finland-based, the Connected Inventions team is customer-focused, agile, and quality-obsessed. Our engineers, solution designers, and support teams work side by-side to deliver the performance, accountability, and results that our partners and customers want. We guarantee it.

Save energy Costs

Obtain green building certifications

Improve occupant wellbeing

Integrate with BMS & ERP tools

Predictive maintenance

Improve occupant productivity

Efficient ESG reporting

Enhance real estate value

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