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Indoor Air Data Monitoring collects and shares -vital data to augment and enhance your building system management systems and maintenance processes to reduce energy consumption and create ideal tenant environments.

Connected Invention’s AirWits Insight is an efficient out-of-the-box option for your AirWits device deployments. Instant Insights into all your device data in one place.

Get data insights in two easy steps

What Air Quality Monitoring Solutions Measure

Carbon Dioxide

A key indicator to inadequate ventilation, that promotes discomfort to occupants – major cause of headaches, drowsiness, and increases frequency of sick-leaves.


Improper control will exacerbate moisture-related issues such as condensation and humidity fluctuations, and is a vital element for energy saving cost-effective measures. With proper monitoring, you won’t compromise your building’s structural and financial integrity.


One of the key indicators to mold risk detection, decaying wood, metal corrosion, and weaken concrete. Excessive moisture is detrimental to building materials and compromises the durability of your structures.

Particulate Matter

Prolonged exposure leads to harmful respiratory conditions like asthma and enhance allergic reactions. Furthermore airborne particles like dust, pollen and soot can accumulate on surfaces, leading to degradation and abrasion of building materials.


Building materials, furnishing, and cleaning products are major contributors to a hazardous environment. Exposure to volatile organic compounds causes severe headaches, and irritations to eyes, nose, and throat.

air pressure

Air Pressure

Fundamental to maintaining structural integrity and vital in optimising energy efficiency. Differential air pressure influences airflow patterns, infiltration/exfiltration rates, energy expenditure and ventilation effectiveness.

Smart Monitoring

Mold Risk Detection

Our FoxerIoT Mold Risk Detection feature is designed to predict the time it will take (In days) for the probability and possibility of mold occurence, based on monitoring your temperature, and humidity’s historical data over a period of time.

Through a predefined formula on your temperature and humidity activities, we’ve established a scale of relevance (from Worst, Bad, Okay, to Healthy) in direct correlation to the number of “Possible days to mold” (1 – worst, 355 – healthy, 0 is considered healthy as it is an indication that there is no risk of mold detected).

Indoor Air Monitoring Data is the most critical information Building and Facility Managers need to significantly reduce energy consumption without trade-offs.

AirWits Insight supports green building initiatives, coupled with our devices that are accredited with WELL, LEED, and RESET certifications.


Access to data when and where you need it

AirWits Insights helps you collect, visualise, and report important data points for reporting and stakeholder management.

Having a single access point to all your IoT data simplifies analysis over time and informs fact-based decisions for optimised energy consumption.

Smart Monitoring

Thresholds and metrics

From predetermined thresholds by experts from the World Health Organization to configuring values that your requirements, you have control at your fingertips.

Adjust data intervals and set triggers for your building management systems to maintain optimal readings. Automating your building management systems is also possible.


Foxer IoT is middleware cloud software for IoT device and data management, enabling you to deploy, manage, and integrate large device fleets and seamless information flows to countless endpoints and applications. It also works as an efficient, tech-agnostic, stand-alone IoT platform featuring advanced alerts, dashboards, white-labeling, multi-tenancy, and reporting features.

Create a space where people want to be

Improve occupant health, safety, productivity, and wellbeing with our commercial indoor air quality monitoring solutions.

Reduce transmission risk of airborne viruses such as colds, influenza, and COVID-19.

Increase cognitive performance, focus, and productivity.

Maximise comfort, minimise energy bills.

Prevent mould and structural damage and reduce maintenance costs.

Case Studies – Discover what you can achieve

See how our secure, cost- and energy-efficient IoT data services empower facilities management to optimise building performance, reduce cost and meet ESG goals.

Engineered in Finland, available globally


Maintenance-free, continuous 24×7 monitoring and control without disruption for up to many years. Five-year device warranty.


Easy compatibility and interoperability to integrate your IoT solution with different systems and devices within the commercial building ecosystem.


We grant our devices a 60 month (5 years) warranty, from the date of delivery and devices’ being free from material defects in materials and workmanship.

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