Top-to-bottom IoT development.

From manufacturing, to mechanics, to PCB’s, down to the very design and quality.

We’ve got it covered.

The Connected Group – Connected Inventions, Connected Finland and Connected Baltics – was founded in 2015 to unlock the mass market IoT solutions and ultra low-cost data collecting and utilisation. Since the beginning we have been helping hundreds of customers and partners to unleash the power of data by our IoT solutions, which we have been delivering and deploying to more than 50 countries.

Connected Inventions develops, manufactures and delivers high quality IoT devices, software and complete IoT solutions for various industries, especially in facility and asset management. High quality, accuracy, long term maintenance free deployments, agile and customer-oriented development, and sustainability – all driving our work and the industry leading IoT innovations.

Our headquarter are in Espoo, Finland, in the birthplace of global telecommunications and high quality tech innovations. Our group also operates two Sigfox 0G networks in Finland and Estonia, and we are part of the world’s biggest unified IoT network.

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