Property owners are constantly balancing with new kind of challenges: buildings must meet higher operational requirements and at the same time be able to minimize life cycle costs. Fidelix’s Flow_how service helps property owners to provide more user-oriented, digitalized buildings with optimal conditions. Connected Finland’s Sigfox sensors enable real-time data collection from buildings to the Flow_How platform without any major investments in physical installations or IT systems.  

Flow_how is a platform solution that collects building’s data under one domain. The service combines intelligent building automation and machine learning, which compile the data into an easy-to-manage and understandable entity that displays real-time real estate conditions. In addition, the platform helps identify the needs for preventive maintenance even before potential problems have raised. With these calls for action, both property history information and forecasting of future situations will make property management more systematic and easier.

Connected Finland’s wireless sensors provide accurate information about building’s conditions, such as where and on what time carbon dioxide levels are high or where temperature could be lowered. The sensors transmit information in real-time via Sigfox network to the Flow_how service, which enables the platform to analyze the conditions as a whole. The analyzed data is then passed through the platform for an evaluation to an expert, who then makes concrete proposals for actions to improve the conditions. As a part of the Flow_how platform, the sensors are an easy solution for the customer as they do not require wiring for power and connectivity, or any expert installation. The Sigfox network operated by Connected Finland already covers 90% of Finland and operates internationally in over 70 countries.

Save costs with easy-to-use wireless sensors

When sensors are installed in suitable locations they begin to collect data immediately. This reduces the expenses since scaling is effortless due to easy installation: no cabling or local network infrastructure is required, just place sensors according the instructions and switch power on. Flow_how platform and the sensors save both time and money. The most important matter of Flow_how is to provide an overview of the real estate’s conditions and then optimize it. In addition, the sensors consume very little energy, meaning that they can gather data for years without any need for maintenance.

– Usually the number of indoor climate sensor attached to building automation systems is pretty low due to high costs. However, the use of wireless, battery-powered, easy-to-install and portable sensors will revolutionize the ability to monitor indoor air conditions at a reasonable cost. Sensors with a Sigfox connection are easy to deploy even after a building is completed or renovated, says Antti Koskinen of Fidelix.

The same sensors that enable quick and smooth deployment also guarantee years without need for maintenance. Overall, the Flow_how service helps ensure a balance between indoor climate, energy consumption, and building service processes. Good management of conditions also increases the satisfaction of its users, while optimizing the premises brings savings. At one time, Fidelix curates all available information to prevent property maintenance from drowning under a huge amount of data.


Fidelix is making buildings smart. Our high expertise is reflected in solutions that optimize the energy costs, indoor climate and operating costs of buildings. The Fidelix Pro Forma Group has net sales of 43 million and approximately 250 employees (2019). Our products are developed, tested and operated on a daily basis in demanding and extreme climate conditions in the Nordics and they have a positive impact on the well-being of over one million people.