Connected AirWits EcoSense


Connected AirWits EcoSense is a connected temperature and humidity metering device for real and accurate indoor air quality monitoring without batteries.

Connected AirWits EcoSense uses an energy harvesting cell as a power source and gets its power from indoor light, making it eco-friendly and maintenance free with ultra low lifetime costs.

Thanks to its dual module, it can use either world-wide Sigfox or LoRaWAN IoT-network connectivity for data transmission.

The installation of the device is extremely simple procedure, and requires neither special tools nor configuration operation.

Simple, connected, maintenance free, ultra low cost, powerful, accurate – the perfect solution for long term indoor temperature and humidity metering.

Connected AirWits EcoSense

Product Features

Casing:100% biodegradable casing
Size:95 x 95 x 19 mm
Weight:62 g
Power SourceGets power from indoor light using energy harvesting cell
Measurement interval:Configurable (10mins ... 21h)
Operating range:-20 ... 50 °C
Humidity range:0 ... 85%
Accuracy:0.2°C (between 0 ... 65°C) / ±% (between 10 ... 90% RH)
ConnectivitySigfox 868 / 902 / 920 MHz
Connectivity:LoRa EU868, AS923, US902
CertificationsCE, FCC
Warranty5 years
Product CodeCIECS-3024-R0101 (RCZ1) / CIECS-3224-R0101 (RCZ2) / CIECS-3324-R0101 (RCZ3) / CIECS-3424-R0101 (RCZ4)

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