Smart Smoke Sensors and Fire Alarms

Our IoT-enabled remote, 24 x7 smoke and fire monitoring solution provides peace of mind for building owners, facilities management and residents to stay safe and protect assets.

  • Complete off-the-shelf monitoring solution
  • Robust IoT smoke and fire alarm devices with 10 years battery life
  • Easy to deploy, maintenance free with a centralised management platform

Legislative changes mean that buildings owners and facilities managers of commercial or residential buildings are responsible for compliant smoke detectors and fire alarms.

Connected Inventions provides a safe and simple solution:

Compliance & Reporting

  • 100% compliant solution meeting
  • Automated data collection & alerts
  • Automated, configurable reporting

Deployment Cost & Complexity

  • Wireless, battery powered monitoring devices
  • Install and connect simply to IoT networks
  • Easily manage data and integration

Operational Implementation

  • Configure the solution to your needs
  • Remote visibility of all alarms at any time
  • Get instant alerts to take timely, remedial action

Ongoing checks & maintenance

  • 10 years battery life, set & forget
  • Self-testing devices without manual checks
  • Remote device configuration
connected inventions

IoT – enabled smart smoke detectors and fire alarms are connected to the internet and allow them to communicate, collect and transmit data. They provide continuous monitoring, send immediate alerts and integrate with building systems.

These smart devices improve operational efficiency and enable facilities management to better prevent damage and safeguard occupants in smart buildings.

Connected Inventions’ IoT device, platform and connectivity portfolio is optimised for Building and Facility Management and designed to integrate easily into your existing infrastructure.

Benefits of IoT data enabled smoke detection and fire alarms in buildings

A premium fire alarm solution designed to meet regulatory and safety standards:

Continuous Monitoring: Real-time status updates for all installed alarms.

Automated Testing: Scheduled tests are automatically performed and logged.

Tamper Alerts: Alarms sound immediately if a smoke detector is removed.

Wireless Transmission: All test results and alarm notifications are sent wirelessly for seamless monitoring.

All you need for compliant, safe and easy operations

Reliable and Always Connected
Advanced features to ensure safety and convenience

Alarm Features

  • Extended Battery Life: Up to 10 years battery life & service life.
  • Loud Alarm: Produces clear 85dB alarm audible up to 3 meters.
  • Easy Installation: Hassle free set up with smart mounting bracket
  • Certified: Compliant with EN 14604 and CE standards
  • Warrenty: Includes 5-year manufacturers warrenty (terms and conditions apply).

Wireless Connectivity

  • Nationwide: Sigfox 0G Network for reliable wireless data transmission. No need for local network infrastructure
  • Seamless Operation: Easy device chaining.
  • Comprehensive Alerts: Includes fire alarms, maintenance notifications, and battery level
  • Air Quality Monitoring: Daily air quality reports enhances safety.

Maintenance made easy

  • Daily Status Updates: Receive status messages every day.
  • Tamper Alerts: Instant alert if device is removed.
  • Battery Notifications: Stay informed about battery levels and replacement needs.
  • Maintenance Confirmation: Receive messages confirming completion.

We enable end-to-end solutions

End-to-end IoT Data Service Solution

Reliable IoT Device Portfolio

CONNECT buildings

Easily deploy wireless, maintenance-free, IoT Devices and Sensors monitoring 24×7 environmental and structural conditions. Up to 10 years battery life provides solution longevity at low cost.

Hybrid LPWAN Connectivity


Connect IoT devices to a low cost private or public LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network to transmit IoT data for remote, continuous and secure monitoring. Choose the best fit for your use case.

Easy Device & Data Management

ACCESS Data Insights

Provision & manage remotely your device fleet and gain easy access to data, alerts and analytics. Integrate IoT Data with other systems or processes for richer, actionable insights or reports.

sigfox 0G technology

Robust Sigfox 0G Network connectivity enables efficient and dependable data collection providing the coverage you need to easy data collection.


The Foxer IoT Device & Data Management Platform makes the deployment, operations and integration of your device fleet easy and cost efficient.
Collect, store and manage data for analysis and visualization, configure alerts and communication via email or SMS to meet your specific needs.

Are you looking for more IoT Devices and Sensors optimised for smart Building and Facilities Management?

Certified device portfolio.

European design and engineering

Connected Inventions supplies and supports Property Owners, Building and Facilities Management companies and Technology Solution Providers  around the world to improve efficiency, increase the value of sustainable, smart buildings.

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