Our Partner Rapal won a significant public tender to enable Finnish Tax Administration (Verohallinto) manage office spaces more efficiently.

Rapal provides Finnish Tax Administration with their holistic Office Space Management-solution Optimaze. With the help of Optimaze the employees can smoother than before manage their office space usage with the help of graphical and mobile interfaces and on the other hand Tax Administration gets real data of the usage of the spaces and can for example allocate the spaces more efficiently than before. Additionally, Optimaze also measures the indoor air quality of the offices and points out possible issues in the heating, cooling or ventilation systems.

Connected Finland and Connected Inventions delivers Rapal and Tax Administration the IoT-sensors and the connectivity for the sensors. Read more about the project at: https://www.rapal.com/fi/uutiset/verohallinto-valitsi-optimaze-worksense-alytoimistoratkaisun