We are delighted to announce that UnaBiz, and we at Connected Inventions now have a comprehensive range of 9 sensors, certified under the guidance of The Singapore Green Building Council, with a prestigious ‘Very Good’ (2-tick rating) in Singapore Green Building Products’ Smart Sensors category. 4 devices under Smart Washroom Management, and 5 AirWits from us at Connected Inventions under Indoor Air Quality; Clean Air Assurance. Connected Inventions wants to congratulate all who were involved in acquiring such a prestigious certification, as we all work towards a more sustainable future.

About Singapore’s Green Building Certification

SGBC (Singapore Green Building Certification) champions sustainability in the built environment, SGBC has developed certification schemes to raise the environmental standards of building products and services, and to provide benchmarks on environmental performance of products and services. SGBC launched the Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) certification scheme in 2010 and following its success, went on to launch the services certification scheme- the Singapore Green Building Services (SGBS) certification in 2012.

With SGBC certification, businesses can gain wider access to global markets where environmental standards are becoming more stringent. Businesses can also tap on SGBC’s regional and international network to take their products and services beyond Singapore.

UnaBiz’s sensors can help you achieve the coveted 5-star Happy Toilet rating by fulfilling the Detect & Feedback* requirements set by the Restroom Association (Singapore). By opting for UnaBiz’s certified products, you contribute to sustainable procurement and earn points towards Singapore’s Building and Construction Authority’s Green Mark certification.

What is means for our sustainability approach

The recent certification marks a big stride in the sustainability movement, UnaBiz and ourselves at the forefront of promoting environmental standards in built environments, and underscores the pivotal role our businesses play in advancing our 0G-driven technology. Our devices now further exemplifies their easy and friendly abilities of accessing building data in global markets with stringent environmental standards. UnaBiz’s dedication to sustainable procurement aligns seamlessly with our global push for greener and eco-conscious technologies.