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The facility management solutions family goes through multi-functional properties that make your spaces SMART. We have high quality, ready made solutions and agile development and production capabilities, with global reach and seamless ecosystem.

Always energy efficient, always long-lasting.


Optimise Utility

Calculated behavioural predictions of space and equipments can save up to several years of un-accounted for costs by limiting asset usage or owning.

Remote monitoring

Commercial, residential, or public buildings are able to remotely monitor facilities through our IoT Data Platform – FoxerIoT, or your own, via API.

Save on energy consumptions

Have control over quality and efficiency. For example, deploying LeanHeat will save 15-20% in energy savings annually and support your smart building RESET and WELL certifications.

Retrofit and maintenance-free reliability

All of our solutions can be retrofitted to many specifications in almost all spaces and facilities, with a plug-and-play installation procedure.

Configurable monitoring and messaging, independency from local networks, global API’s, ready-made integrations, industry-leading batter life time – a head start for utilising your building’s data.

FoxerIoT Software


Customisable dashboard that shows historical data of any measurement you need. Rapid alert system, generate reports, set reminders, and support function operations.

API Connectivity

Through API (Application Programming Interface), users can share and use the ready made data on their own platforms and websites.

Ease of use

FoxerIoT makes the use of Sigfox devices easier through simple interface.

Easy to manage users, device fleets, alerts, and dashboards all in one place without having a need for other platform. Designed and developed for both technical and general backgrounds. Tutorials and help buttons are also exist to guide through usage.

Multi-tenant, Enterprise SaaS IoT-platform for Sigfox powered devices

Easy setup for payload parsing and conversion with graphical interface

Customer’s own data can be migrated via API:s together with IoT data

Highly configurable dashboard views and alarm functions

Device fleet management and provisioning tools

Powerful search and grouping tools for devices, customers, groups etc.


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