In Finland, where 0G coverage is already at 85 %, smart offices are well on their way to becoming as common as smart homes.

Ida Vehnämäki, Communications Specialist at Connected Finland, gave Marion Moreau, director of Sigfox Foundation, a glimpse into the astonishing changes taking place in offices around the country since the 0G revolution.

So many aspects of Finland’s workplaces, both small and large, are being impacted by 0G technology, from building maintenance and security to water consumption and energy management which is so vital in a country where temperatures often drop below freezing.

Because there is no cabling, no IT, no battery or power devices needed, it takes only one minute to install a 0G sensor. Maija Patjas, Director of Workplace Management Services at Rapal, a company focused in developing smart offices, can easily place 0G sensors beneath each desk in a company, so workspaces can be monitored in real time. The improvements in space availability, lighting management and employee attendance, to name just a few of the benefits, help employees focus on what really matters, their work.

Most businesses don’t need fast and big networks that are cumbersome and energy-intensive. As Markku Patronen, Founder of Connected Finland, knows so well, what they really need is a reliable low-cost and energy efficient 0G network. There are no unnecessary features in 0G devices. With only 3 simple bytes, an office can save up to 15% in energy costs.

The simplicity of 0G is the key to the future. 0G offices are transforming the workplace in ways that businesses could only dream of before.