The attendance at EXPO REAL, held from October 4 to 6, 2022, in Munich, Germany, almost reached pre-coronavirus levels: the exhibition grew by almost 60 percent compared to the previous year. Given the current economic situation, there was a great need to exchange ideas and thoughts—also with the Federal Minister of Building, Klara Geywitz.

Business director Kushtrim Xhakli of Connected Inventions had the chance to participate in the event held in Germany. The following are our key takeaways from industry leading professionals who gathered in Munich.

Key learnings 

Facility management in Real Estate is currently going through a digital transformation – it signifies the presence for a race towards more innovative and cost effective estates. A widely expected conclusion between many industry leaders were data, and it’s utilisation of leading metrics for not only buildings but smart cities as a whole.

What was the general consensus towards the energy crisis?

European-based companies and business fear the suffering from the shortage of energy supplied by current crisis, especially as peak seasons for heating buildings during winter. How do companies counter the tackle? A lot are seeking alternative solutions and methods of optimising energy spend and cost control, encouraging that the situation will lead to a more innovative and digitally connected community.

How was the event itself?

The event in numbers themselves are quite impressive, especially how well-organised it was with good format and platforms for speakers. We feel most companies who were present, were actively looking for partnerships. However, whilst larger companies are suffering from short term effects of adopting the change, but they feel a much sigh of relief for their long term sustainability plans being closely followed.

How was Connected Inventions involved?

We had roughly around 40 meetings, equally split between pre-scheduled and non-scheduled drop by’s. This year we attended the event as visitors, but may very well consider to be exhibitors in coming years. Additionally, our AirWits Insight solution was greatly praised by plenty and was considered a solution that should be tracked further.

To learn more about our AirWits Insight solution that was ever present in Munich, reach out to us.