Isännöintipäivät is the largest annual real estate industry event in Finland, which annually brings together pioneers, professionals and leading service providers in the real estate industry – The event will take place in Jyväskylä’s Paviljonki, Finland on September 21st to 22nd. A total of  150+ solution, energy, and real estate partners will be ready to network, educate, and share with one another, including us at Connected Finland. And over 1,200 real estate professionals and enthusiasts under one roof.

What are we going to bring?

Real estates, buildings, facilities waste up to hundreds of thousands in annual costs by simply not knowing what contributes to their expenses, largely down to the monitoring of indoor environments, and effective spacial usage. Whilst there, we will present our turnkey indoor environment monitoring solution – AirWits Insight. Our platform bridges the data and practice by monitoring data on indoor environments, while ensuring transparency to promote savings on energy consumptions.

Take a glimpse of how Isännöintipäivät 2019 unfolded from the video below.

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