Finnish Building FlowHow™ Company Sitedrive Uses Connected Inventions IOT solutions in Gathering Data From Buildings and Construction Sites.

Sitedrive is a construction specialist company improving the production flow on construction sites with its Sitedrive “Plan” and “Takt” services. With the services it is possible to reduce the production lead time of a building by 20-50%.

Sitedrive has chosen to work with Connected Inventions’ devices and connectivity services for gathering data from construction sites and buildings. The service is available both in Finland and abroad.

“The ease of use and deployment together with very low associated costs made us try Connected Inventions solutions. The experience so far has been very good and we are scaling up the co-operation as we speak.” – Development Manager Pekka Silen from Sitedrive.

With the new service offering, Sitedrive and Connected Inventions are providing solutions for environmental monitoring, ie. temperature, humidity, CO2 and small particle matters.