EXPO REAL (October 4–6, 2023) offered a fully comprehensive overview of developments, topics, innovations and solutions in the real estate industry. Connected Inventions Business Director, Kushtrim Xhakli participated in the event held in Munich, Germany.

A huge topic in this year’s event is ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and it’s contribution and involvement in real estate. ESG is an indespensable part of building management: Both investors and the funding sector are ever increasingly focused. There are an increase in expectations surrounding real estate companies in addressing environmental, social, and governance requirements in documentable and verifiable manner.

Key learnings

Building management that are reluctant in utilising ready-made-available technology find it incredibly difficult to keep costs low whereas management who do, have a great chance of reducing costs and identifying areas where not only energy savings happen, but are able to perform exceptionally on all social and governance fronts.

We further realised at Connected Inventions, that we indeed are a leader in providing solutions for digitising and optimising building management. We’ve understood that our monitoring devices are primary to fixing the exact problem the real estate industry is currently facing.

ESG is an indispensable part in building management, how in demand were digitisation and data transparency solutions in Expo Real? Were AirWits devices relevant to bridge that gap?

EXPO REAL established itself as a platform providing huge recognition towards the use of existing technologies in properties to maintain efficiency and hone sustainability. ESG is indeed an indespensable verticle in building management, as businesses are under huge pressure in particular to ‘E’ (Environmental) impacts and ‘S’ (Social) performances.

Yes, our AirWits devices are highly relevant, and to our awareness, in high demand in bridging the gap between a standing building and the data it produces. Our AirWits devices provide transparency through real-time data collection on air quality, while supporting building management systems in savings on energy consumption. The data collected opens a path to Green Building Certification projects with WELL, and LEED, overall improving building performances. We all just want a healthier and more sustainable space.

How was the event?

Expo Real was an immense success, with over 40,000 visitors from over 70 countries. The event was a showcase for the latest innovations in building technology, and there was a strong focus on data transparency, digitisation of real estate, push/pull ESG verticals. It really fits with the way we at Connected Inventions operates.

How was Connected Inventions involved?

We, Connected Inventions, have returned for a second time at EXPO REAL, previously in 2022. With an ESG-oriented focal point in our engagement, we showcased our AirWits device portfolio, with other digitisation and building management optimisation software solutions. We received incredibly positive feedback, and eager to start our work with customers and partners we came across.