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Connected Inventions are IoT data collection experts for the Building and Facilities Management industry. 

To provide customer specific solutions, we partner with facilities management organisations, prop tech firms, and the broader IoT ecosystem around the world to enable operational efficiencies for more sustainable, higher value buildings.   

Enhancing Building Management Systems with timely, environmental IoT data is how to realize next-level efficiency gains, meet ESG compliance, and optimize energy consumption. 

Contact us if you would like to explore our growing global ecosystem and approach to partnering. Together we can make a significant impact to help customers achieve measurable ESG objectives and commercial benefits.


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A Global Ecosystem

Connected Inventions is member of the two largest global IoT ecosystems and leaders in the IoT LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network) connectivity technology and their partner networks. 


The global association of 0G Solution Providers  collaborate to realise the business value of Massive IoT for a more sustainable future and deliver reliable, scalable solutions powered by the Sigfox 0G technology.

lora alliance

The global LoRa Alliance members closely collaborate and share experiences to promote and drive the success of the LoRaWAN® standard as a leading open global standard for  IoT LPWAN connectivity. 

Partnering for the Future: Artificial Intelligence and IoT

Beyond regulatory mandates to act and achieve ESG objectives for more effective, healthier, sustainable buildings lies the opportunity to build long-term commercial value by partnering with Connected Inventions.

Accessing IoT building data is essential to enable the future of artificial intelligence (AI) -powered building management systems and processes.  The future of facilities management  relies on continuous, accurate, available data feeds. Even the latest standalone BMS systems cannot offer the data richness, openness, and flexibility needed to fully leverage IoT and AI capabilities for the industry.

Delivering timely, accurate, meaningful building data is what we do. 

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