Connected Ranger tracker is the latest addition to the Connected product family. Ranger makes tracking assets easy and the device works both indoors as well as over long distances. As the tracker travels, the device scans for surrounding WiFi networks and MAC addresses, which are then translated to match physical location information. Ranger is an inexpensive and durable alternative for example tracking shipments and warehouse inventory.

Majority of modern asset and fleet tracking systems rely on GPS, which is an accurate, but energy-guzzle, power source. Connected Finland started to develop a solution that would allow simultaneous tracking of multiple sites over a long period of time and at minimal cost. The result of this development is the Connected Ranger tracking device, which works both indoors and long-distance tracking.

Ranger operation is based on motion detection and reading of WiFi networks and MAC addresses – if the Ranger detects motion, it activates and scans the surrounding Wi-Fi networks once per every hour and sends data from the three strongest MAC addresses and RSSI values to the Sigfox network. This data is translated to match physical information on backend systems such as FoxerIOT. Ranger will fall asleep while staying still and the device won’t consume extra power from its batteries.

Lower costs and longer battery life

Ranger’s low price and extra-long battery life guarantee lower lifecycle costs for asset tracking and fleet management. In addition to lower costs, the Ranger also offers another huge advantage over GPS tracking systems: it is suitable for tracking indoors, which means that the device can assist with warehouse inventory and instrument tracking. Also, the device fits in the palm of your hand which makes it easy to fasten in all size items.

– Many tracking devices are impractical, either because of their large size, huge power consumption or poor durability. Ranger tackles all these problems of different tracking techniques and offers a whole new set of versatility. The same device can now track the location of devices in hospitals or the progress of large containers at sea, says Markku Patronen, one of the founders of Connected Finland.

The Ranger is designed with easy attachment to a variety of surface materials and it can be installed in a convenient location, either with screws or cable ties, as needed. The ranger also has high IP rating (IP68), which means, among other things, that the device is completely dust-proof and can withstand submersion in water without damaging the device. Therefore, Ranger is suitable for all types of tracking, from tracking trolleys to bigger cargo.

You can find Ranger’s details from here.