Caverion, a partner of Connected Finland, has created Caverion SmartView digital platform, that brings together all property data in just a few clicks. The platform can, for example, optimize the conditions of the property, ensure a healthier indoor air quality and help manage the energy consumption of the property. With Caverion SmartView, you can connect any of the ready-made applications offered by Connected Finland – according to your specific needs.

Caverion is a stock-listed company on Nasdaq Helsinki, which designs, implements and maintains user-friendly and energy-efficient technical solutions for a variety of properties and industries. The company currently operates in ten countries in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe and is one of the industry’s leading providers of technical solutions. The cornerstone of the partnership between Connected Finland and Caverion is a mutual commitment to provide their customers with convenient and cost-effective property management and benefit from the opportunities that digitalization has to offer in field of real estate business.

Caverion SmartView platform utilizes Sigfox network, sustained by Connected Finland, where IoT sensors are connected securely and cost-efficiently. Caverion SmartView and sensors can be ordered at the same time and everything works seamlessly from one country to another easily without additional roaming charges. Sigfox network is available in over 65 countries. In addition, Caverion SmartView enables easy connectivity to Connected Finland’s IoT sensors according to your property-specific measurement needs.

“Connected Finland’s IoT sensors have facilitated various conditions measurements”
Caverion SmartView brings together all the key metrics of the real estate, from managing the conditions to storing documents. With the help of a digital platform, it is possible to view the meeting rooms’ occupancy status, indoor air quality and whether the heating and ventilation are working on a desired level. The service provides the information needed to manage both the working environment and various infrastructure projects. The property management system, combined with IoT sensors, contributes to the optimization of property conditions, providing healthy and safe conditions to property users and helping to manage energy consumption.

“We have developed a completely new type of service for our customers, and our co-operation with Connected Finland has played an important role in this. Connected Finland’s IoT sensors have facilitated various conditions measurements. The installation and commissioning of the devices is simple and quick. The sensors integrate seamlessly with Caverion SmartView, providing users with a single interface to view all important meters in the property. Wireless sensors are especially suited for real estates, where building automation is not available or is not currently being invested in. Wireless sensors are also used to supplement current automation measurements. Currently, Caverion SmartView is used in various types of properties in Finland and also internationally,” says Mikko Viitanen, Senior Manager, IoT Platform, from Caverion.