In the current competitive state, in addition to creating added value for customers, a key factor that helps every restaurant business is the ability to control cost and reduce loss. Not only outward facing solutions but inward.

Terrier Expression is a cozy and intimate wine bar hidden away in a small alley in a residential area. The passionate owners frequently host tastings and wine classes open to the public. Food can be ordered from outside and enjoyed in the bar, wines can also be bought for take-away at retail prices.

Wine requires very detailed and attentive monitoring of the storage of wine, as do many other edibles in the restaurant industry. For wine, anything over 25 degrees celcius detriments it’s quality, making temperature a key component in cold chain management. In addition, humidity is also a key factor in it’s storage, as if humidity levels run low the cork dries out, and as soon as that happens it allows air to seem into the wine, leading to oxidation causing the wine to age permanently.

As much as 85% of loss in cold chain management are due to insufficient storage and unsupported handling of the uncontrollable. Reducing loss is another way to increase profits specifically in the restaurant business.

Things on Net, the IoT solutions partner of Thailand provided inventions that support the business needs of Terrier Expressions. Previously, as do many business in 3rd world countries, the company relied on staff to examine the wine cellars to ensure that right temperatures are met. It is very common around Asia for business to be reluctant to technological adoption, because of the view that technology can be a wasteful expense.

Terrier Expressions has introduced into their wine bar temperature and humidity monitors paired with a software/portal that allows owners, and staff to remotely and efficiently monitor in real-time readings. Readings were configurable to meet the needs of the business and to give the battery-powered monitors an extended lifecycle. By default, these devices are able to run for roughly around 5 years on it’s base settings.

As a result, Terrier Expressions has been able to reduce unnecessary cost on staff, ensured an timely mannered alert system, improved preventive maintenance, simplified real-time reporting with monitoring software.