Connected Inventions Announces Strategic Partnerships with Netmore Group to Drive Data-Driven IoT Innovation for Construction and Commercial Properties that Let Customers Achieve More with Less.

Connected Inventions, a leading player in the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, is pleased to introduce its strategic collaboration with Netmore Group, a proven global IoT network operator.

A trusted provider of IoT solutions, Netmore Group has a proven track record of delivering secure, scalable, reliable networks for IoT devices across multiple industries. Its IoT portfolio complements Connected Inventions’ powerful IoT data solutions and services. Together, the two organisations provide a robust foundation for successful IoT projects in the building and facilities management sectors.  

The collaboration accelerates Connected Inventions’ IoT data-driven innovations to enableenergy efficiency and operational efficiencies in commercial buildings and facilities while improving occupant comfort and health and monitor structural conditions with maintenance-free solutions that are:

  • Easy to deploy and run maintenance free for years.
  • Interoperable with existing infrastructure and easy to deploy and operate.
  • Deliver predictable proven return on investment.

The partnership complements the release of Connected Inventions’ dual-mode indoor air monitoring devices, which enable connection to two leading LPWAN networks (Sigfox 0G and LoRaWAN) from a single sensor and are now supported by five year warranties.

Giving customers and partners the choice of hybrid LPWAN connectivity with dual-mode devices running on leading multinational IoT networks creates operational flexibility and efficiency and delivers timely, meaningful data to improve commercial outcomes as well as support ESG objectives.

Ove Anebygd, Chief Executive Office of Netmore Group, says, Netmore is thrilled to partner with Connected Inventions, a leader in cost-effective and energy-efficient IoT data solutions for facility and asset management. Their innovative approach aligns perfectly with our vision of making LoRaWANtechnology accessible and affordable. This collaboration not only strengthens our network by extending its reach into new customer segments but also positions Netmore as a key partner for building a more sustainable and data-driven future for the built environment.”

Markku Patronen, founder of Connected Inventions, says, ” We believe the Netmore partnership will support creative, cost-efficient IoT solutions that support digital transformation to solve the operational challenges of modern facilities and buildings to meet customer needs today and tomorrow. Netmore’s reliable, scalable, and efficient IoT network and connectivity solutions are foundational for commercially viable IoT use cases that let organizations better monitor and manage buildings to reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions, and transform facilities into more sustainable, healthy, cost-effective, and resilient assets.”

Press contact details:

Markku Patronen
Connected Inventions
+358 50 5065393

Jalmari Mäkilä
+358-44 515 8910

About Connected Inventions

Connected Inventions was founded in 2015 with the aim of bringing IoT solutions to the mass market and providing affordable data collection and utilisation. Since the early days the company has helped hundreds of customers and partners in more than 50 countries to harness the power of data, having delivered more than 400, 000 LPWAN IoT devices. Today the company specialises in empowering sustainability and smarter, more energy efficient buildings.

About Netmore Group

Netmore Group is an IoT network operator, building the leading multinational network to advance sustainable business practices. We offer a reliable network platform and leading connectivity expertise for efficient measuring, monitoring, and optimization of resource use. With 10 years in the industry, we have a solid track record, operating borderless on the European market and have grown to become a leading global network operator. Netmore group’s main owner is the Nordic infrastructure investor Polar Structure.