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Sigfox tech enables Finnish Tax Administration (Verohallinto) to manage office spaces more efficiently

Our Partner Rapal won a significant public tender to enable Finnish Tax Administration (Verohallinto) manage office spaces more efficiently. Rapal provides Finnish Tax Administration with their holistic Office Space Management-solution Optimaze. With the help of Optimaze the employees can smoother than before manage their office space usage with the help of graphical and mobile [...]

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Sigfox Germany partners with Connected Inventions to bring quality IoT sensors in Germany

Solutions from Connected Inventions are ideally suited for digitization projects such as those offered by Sigfox to medium-sized and large companies, because they have already been mass market-tested and are used in solutions from companies such as Leanheat (by Danfoss), Caverion or Fortum as well as the Finnish postal service provider Posti. Munich, March [...]

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Fidelix Flow_how: optimize and foresee

Property owners are constantly balancing with new kind of challenges: buildings must meet higher operational requirements and at the same time be able to minimize life cycle costs. Fidelix’s Flow_how service helps property owners to provide more user-oriented, digitalized buildings with optimal conditions. Connected Finland’s Sigfox sensors enable real-time data collection from buildings to [...]

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