Scalable IoT solutions

We develop and manufacture low-cost, energy-efficient IoT solutions and devices with seamless and global 0G-connectivity. We provide all the tools to build and manage your data driven business needs – FoxerIoT platform, off-the-shelf products, and customised IoT products and projects.



Energy-efficient, high-quality, simple network of sensors and devices

Global Network

Longest Battery Life

Lowest Cost

Long Range

Reliable & Secure

IoT Devices

Connected AirWits

Temperature & humidity

Connected AirWits Plus

Temperature & humidity
with E-ink display

Connected AirWits CO2

Carbon dioxide, temperature
and humidity

Connected AirWits CO2 Plus

Carbon dioxide, temperature &
humidity with E-ink display

Connected AirWits IAQ

Organic compounds, temperature
& humidity

Connected AirWits PM

Particulate matters, temperature
and humidity

Connected PressGuard

Air pressure differences, two
measuring points

Connected FlexSense

Temperature and humidity with
external probes

More devices

Foxer IoT

Our data platform is the simplest way to manage and analyse all of the data points that are important to you. The perfect choice for companies looking to accurately and regularly monitor variables from temperature, air quality, motion, stress on components and more.

FoxerIoT is designed to meet needs of a super simple dashboard, real-time data sharing, and enabling fast business decision making. IoT is the present and the future – driving better productivity, efficiency, sustainability, and more.

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Support smart building certifications

Monitoring indoor air quality helps maintain a healthy indoor climate for happy and productive occupants, alongside with mapping the path of your asset’s life-cycle – allowing you to achieve higher ratings for green building and wellness certificates with LEED, WELL, and BREEAM.

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