Let the building do the work. Reap the rewards. Make a difference.

Your IoT Data Solutions Partner for building owners and facility management enabling better performing, smarter, more sustainable buildings.

  • Proven results and business case
  • Easy to deploy and run + maintenance-free
  • Set and forget, up to 10 years lifetime
  • Instant easy data access and interoperability

Up to 30% reduction in energy expenditure


More than 400,000 sensors installed globally

5 years

5 years guaranteed device performance

Engineered in Finland to run the smartest, most energy-efficient, and sustainable buildings in the world

End-to-end IoT Data Service Solution

Reliable IoT Device Portfolio

CONNECT your buildings

Easily deploy wireless, maintenance-free IoT Devices and Sensors monitoring environmental and structural conditions.

Hybrid LPWAN Connectivity


Connect IoT devices to a low cost private or public LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) IoT network to transmit IoT data for remote, continuous and secure monitoring.

Easy Device & Data Management

ACCESS Data Insights

Manage remotely your device fleet and gain easy access to vital, accurate and timely information, alerts and analytics. Integrate IoT Data with existing operational Building Management Systems or processes for richer, actionable insights or reports.

Let IoT data make your buildings better

We provide cost- and energy-efficient IoT solutions enabling data-driven building operations. Our solutions let owners and managers reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and transform buildings into more sustainable, healthy, cost-effective, and resilient assets. Our secure IoT solutions include devices, data management platforms, and connectivity services help facility managers simplify the deployment of maintenance-free solutions worldwide.

  • Quality device innovation, engineering and manufacturing.
  • Low-cost, energy-efficient, reliable connectivity service coverage.
  • Easy, instant data access to integrate into processes or systems.

Case Studies – Discover what you can achieve

See how our secure, cost- and energy-efficient IoT data services empower facilities management to optimise building performance, reduce cost and meet ESG goals.

The results of L&T Smartti Automation and Connected Inventions’ IoT sensors’ deployment have been so good that we’ve decided to implement it in other commercial buildings around Finland. In addition to energy efficiency, we were able to also confirm improved indoor air quality in the building property.

Ismo Myllymäki, Head of Property Management at Technopolis

With remote IoT monitoring of construction site conditions connected to the 0G Network, Sitedrive transforms how site managers monitor and manage the time and expense of concrete curing. The low cost, reliability, ad simplicity of the 0G Network help ensure that every concrete pour is a cost-effective, efficient part of the construction process. The ease of connectivity also lets us add other devices that customers might need on-site, such as dust monitoring for occupational hygiene or renovation project quality management.

Henri Hovi, Chief Technology Officer at Sitedrive

Proven outcomes and flexible solutions for indoor spaces

Connected Inventions’ IoT solutions for building management collect, analyse, and present accurate, real-time data to drive better decision-making, savings, operating efficiency, and sustainability.

Business benefits of instant access to accurate, vital environmental IoT Data

Gain real-time visibility to building conditions, such as indoor air quality, energy consumption, motion detection and space utilisation through remote, always-on IoT monitoring. Connected IoT devices provide the data insights you need to significantly reduce building energy consumption, improve safety, minimise property damage, save costs, and enhance customer and tenant experiences.

Operational Efficiency

Save time and costs by automating manual data collection to optimise predictive maintenance and meet compliance requirements.

Increases & Protect Asset Value

Improve space utilisation and extend asset life. Strengthen the reputation and operating returns of your property as a sustainable, smart, healthy, modern facility.

Sustainability and Compliance

Boost energy efficiency and reduce cost by optimising plant usage. Simplify compliance and reporting. Achieve ESG goals.

Occupational Health & Well-Being

Create better tenant experiences and support wellbeing with more healthy, comfortable building environments.

Industry Solutions for Sustainable Building Management

Indoor Air Quality

Access vital environmental IoT data and alerts 24×7 to optimise energy consumption and create a healthier environment to improve occupant wellbeing, safety, and productivity.

  • CO2
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • VOC

Air Pressure Differences

Optimise HVAC performance.

Workplace Utilisation

Achieve real-time visibility into the utilisation of rooms, desk, and other office areas with remote monitoring occupancy sensors.

Motion Detection

Monitor volume of people moving in specific areas or safeguard access points.

Set and Forget:

Maintenance free IoT solutions that work hard for you

Plug and Play

Easy to deploy, no building works/tech support needed, operational in minutes.

Maintenance Free

Set and forget without any maintenance or battery changes, easy to re-locate.

Wireless Connectivity Coverage

No WIFI connection or any wiring/cabling required private or public network.

Battery or Powered

Up to 10 years battery life, no power supply or wiring needed. Autonomous solar powered options.

24/7 Monitoring

Readings every 30 minutes or as defined, instant threshold alerts + remote monitoring.


GDPR compliant connectivity services, intermittent network connection.


5 year manufacturer device performance guaranteed, worldwide.


Recyclable material, ultra-low energy consumption, re-usable devices.

We do global business the Finnish way: Quality, Reliability, Flexibility

As engineers, manufacturers and providers of IoT data services, we partner with experts in building management to make a difference for people, profit, and the planet. We started in Finland as three visionaries and pioneers in the IoT building space. Today, we have the know-how, experience, and capabilities to provide high-quality devices worldwide with guaranteed performance, sending data over the most cost- and energy-efficient IoT connectivity services to deliver some the world’s most impactful deployments of IoT data solutions for commercial buildings.

Connected Inventions founders, Tom, Marko, and Markku

Tick your boxes – We might be engineers, but we understand business:

Gain real-time visibility to building conditions, such as indoor air quality, energy consumption, motion detection and space utilisation through remote, always-on IoT monitoring. Connected IoT devices provide the data insights you need to significantly reduce building energy consumption, improve safety, minimise property damage, save costs, and enhance customer and tenant experiences.


  • Predictability of cost of the IoT solution over time.
  • Solution longevity.
  • Meets the highest quality standards requirements.

Future Proof

  • Technology longevity.
  • Open and tech-agnostic to suit changing needs.
  • Supporting industry standards.


  • Easy to deploy. Wireless and safe.
  • Maintenance-free for up to 10 years.
  • Plug and play solutions.


  • Open data source.
  • No proprietary systems or vendor “lock-in”.
  • Independent data platform.


  • Backed by proven-case studies.
  • Instant data visibility for fast ROI.
  • Global deployments.


  • Accurate data.
  • Supported and certified globally.
  • Proven solutions.


  • Devices can be deployed and relocated.
  • Data collection can be calibrated for changing space utilisation.
  • Tech-agnostic solution partner.


Part of global alliance, presence and local partners in more than 70 countries. Global APIs and numerous readymade integrations available.


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